Every wandering girl needs: Tea

When the temperature drops and fall/winter arrives, I need some hot drinks to keep me warm! I love a cup of coffee in the morning or as a yummy treat, but I drink tea all day, every day.

A cup of tea makes everything better.

Tea simply means ‘plant based hot flavoured water’. Doesn’t that sound perfect and healthy? Our body needs lots of water to keep our metabolism going, so if you can increase your daily water intake by drinking some delicious tea that also has other natural benefits to it, why not?

There’s tea available for everybody’s taste or for every occasion. But it might be something that you have to learn to appreciate. You can always add some sugar, honey or stevia to make your tea a little sweeter. The past few years I’ve grown to love all kinds of teas. Recently I became addicted to green tea. I absolutely love using loose leaf tea. If you’re living in Belgium I would recommend checking out “De theewinkel” in Leuven or “Simon Lévelt” in Mechelen, where you can find the best loose leaf tea and also very cute tea accessories.

Time for tea,




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