Road trip part 3: La douce France

We took the highway along the coast of Italy towards France, our next destination. The views on the highway were spectacular, but often interrupted by tunnels, many many tunnels! We lost count…

First stop: Castellane

When we left the highway, we thought we were finally there, but noooo! After almost two hours (!) and 70km of small, mountain roads later, we arrived at Castellane! This cute, little village is situated in the Natural Regional Park of Verdon. The highlight in this park is the French Grand Canyon, also known as the Gorges du Verdon. Of course we had to go for a hike along this beautiful canyon. The trail we followed is called the Sentier Martel trail, which is about 15km long and takes you about 6 hours to walk.

Note: If you do this trail, DON’T forget your flashlight!! There is a tunnel of 600 meters long without any lighting, so a flashlight is essential. Except if you’re a cat..







On our second day in Castellane, we chose to take it slow. So we went to the local bakery for some bread and pastries, and climbed up the mountain where we had a picnic with a view. After dessert, we put music on, busted some moves and had a dance off (which Han clearly won).

roadtripDSCN6794roadtripDSCN6673 roadtripDSCN6715


Second stop: Dole

On our way to Dole, we passed some beautiful landscapes. We just had to stop once in while to enjoy the view!

roadtrip_P4C9819 roadtrip_P4C9847

The last day of our road trip, we visited the town of Dole. This cozy town is filled with French historical buildings. We wandered around the streets and enjoyed a hot cappuccino, while kids in halloween costumes were scaring their friends.


roadtrip_P4C9900This road trip was freaking awesome :)!!! We had the time of our lives and are already dreaming of a next trip..

See you soon!

Han and Sandy


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