Welcome to Joy of Wandering!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Joy of Wandering! We are Han and Sandy, born and raised in Belgium, but determined to explore the world :) This is why we named our blog Joy of Wandering.

We love taking chances, discovering new horizons, learning about new products and exploring the unknown. We don’t want to stand still, we want to keep moving forward. So on our blog, we will talk about everything that inspires us to keep going. From fashion, beauty and lifestyle to photography, traveling and health.

But first, let us introduce ourselves ;)

Han loves discovering new places and culture / drinking a cup of tea in front of the fireplace / the magic of nature / hiking to places you can’t reach by car / photographs that capture the beauty of life / inspirational quotes / music that gives you goosebumps / dancing around the house with my headphones on / the changing of the seasons / pilates on the beach / building a snowman / fresh veggies from the garden / running in the rain /sunrise and sunset

Instagram: handew_


Sandy loves cameras / exploring nature / coffee houses / watching sunrise or sunset with friends / planning my next trip / banana ice cream / meeting new people from around the world / snowball fights / singing in the car or under the shower / bunnies / typography / crawling under a blanket when it’s cold / going to concerts / eating too much spaghetti / movie nights / seeing my friends again after a long time apart

Instagram: sandycroes




Lots of love,

Han and Sandy


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Joy of Wandering!

  1. Wat geweldig mooie uitzichten! Prachtige omgeving!
    Sublieme foto’s! Wat een keimooie fotoshoot van jullie beiden!
    Nog heel veel reisplezier!
    Lieve groetjes.


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