Road trip part 2: Bella Italia!

After Germany, we were planning on visiting Austria, but the upcoming snow made us change our plans. We headed directly to a sunnier and warmer place…, Italy!

First stop: Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the perfect spot for relaxation. It’s warm, beautiful, and – this time of year – peaceful! We stayed at a cozy B&B on top of the mountain near Salò, with an amazing view over the lake. We took this time to read a book, stroll around the town and enjoy the Italian lifestyle.





Second Stop: Cinque Terre

After we recharged our batteries with a little relaxation, we were ready for some action! We read about a beautiful spot at the Italian coast, named Cinque Terre. The “Five Lands” contains five remote villages, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. These five villages are connected by hiking trails which take you along the rugged coastline. We walked the trails between Monterosso, Vernazza and Corniglia. If you have the chance, you should definitely visit Cinque Terre! It’s great to have a combination of culture and nature.






See you at our next stop… France!!

Han and Sandy


Road trip part 1: Germany, ich liebe dich!

For years we’ve been talking about it, but now we finally decided to go for it. We planned a road trip!!

It was kind of an impulsive decision, but sometimes impulsive decisions are the best! We met at our favorite coffee house (more about that later) and planned our road trip around Europe.

First stop: Hinterzarten

The first place we visited was the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We rented an apartment in the town of Hinterzarten, a typical German village. On our first day, we went for a 12km hike around the Titisee. Although it was rainy, foggy and cold, the scenery was beautiful.

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On our second day, we went hiking on the Feldberg, the highest mountain of the Black Forest. It was a difficult and challenging trail, but the views were totally worth it.





Second stop: Füssen

Just above the border with Austria, you can find a cute little town named Füssen. It is located near the Forggensee and the Hopfensee, and lies in the shadow of the Tegelberg. We visited the town and ate some delicious German delicacies. The next day, we took the cable car to the Tegelberg, were we hiked to the top. The last part of the trail is not meant for people with fear of heights, such as Sandy ;)








Now we’re off to Italy!!! See you soon!!

Han and Sandy

Welcome to Joy of Wandering!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Joy of Wandering! We are Han and Sandy, born and raised in Belgium, but determined to explore the world :) This is why we named our blog Joy of Wandering.

We love taking chances, discovering new horizons, learning about new products and exploring the unknown. We don’t want to stand still, we want to keep moving forward. So on our blog, we will talk about everything that inspires us to keep going. From fashion, beauty and lifestyle to photography, traveling and health.

But first, let us introduce ourselves ;)

Han loves discovering new places and culture / drinking a cup of tea in front of the fireplace / the magic of nature / hiking to places you can’t reach by car / photographs that capture the beauty of life / inspirational quotes / music that gives you goosebumps / dancing around the house with my headphones on / the changing of the seasons / pilates on the beach / building a snowman / fresh veggies from the garden / running in the rain /sunrise and sunset

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Sandy loves cameras / exploring nature / coffee houses / watching sunrise or sunset with friends / planning my next trip / banana ice cream / meeting new people from around the world / snowball fights / singing in the car or under the shower / bunnies / typography / crawling under a blanket when it’s cold / going to concerts / eating too much spaghetti / movie nights / seeing my friends again after a long time apart

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Lots of love,

Han and Sandy